Manjaro Beginners Guide

Manjaro linux is one of the best linux distro currently available to users apart from Ubuntu, and it has access to the best community-driven repository AUR.

About manjaro

First its good to know about the the Manjaro Linux. Manjaro linux is a derivative of Arch Linux, a distribution which is lightweight and flexible whose key value is to “keep it simple”, Arch Linux is quite intimidating for beginners since you have to configure everything from scratch, Manjaro linux on the other hand focus mainly on user-friendly and accessible, which has undoubtedly contributed to its skyrocket in popularity.

Manjaro Installation

Manjaro Linux unlike its base distribution Arch linux, utilizes a graphical installer which you should find easier to use. The entire process is pretty straight forward and hazzle free.

Manjaro Linux can be obtained from their website

You can choose from Official/Community editions as you like, each editions uses a custom desktop enviornment as per their name.

Installation process of Manjaro Linux is is pretty much easier and there is a lot of online guides regarding this process, so lets check about some of the day to day activities you will be doing in your manjaro distribution.

Updating the system

Unlike windows linux distros can be updated using a single command, Keeping your system updated reduce the chance of security vulnerablities. Refreshing your system repository is also recommended thing to do before installing new software.

Below single command can be used to update your Manjaro Linux installation

  • sudo pacman -Syu

Installing new software

Manjaro Linux has a huge repository of software available thanks to its base distribution Arch Linux. As we have seen the update command above we use ‘pacman’ for installing new software also. Pacman is a commandline tool for arch based distros. To install an new application we can use the below command.

  • sudo pacman -S packagename

Example for installing firefox browser:

  • sudo pacman -S firefox

You will be prompted to enter your password once entered your application will be downloaded and installed.

Removing Software

Removing/uninstalling an software in Manjaro Linux is fairly easy it can be done with the help on pacman as below.

  • sudo pacman -R packagename


  • sudo pacman -R firefox


Manjaro Linux is speedy and simple linux distro ideal for linux desktop users, it has a huge repository of softwares available for every purpose.