Ever since I transitoned to wayland (sway),I was searching for a good program launcher (I know about dmenu, but I wanted something native to wayland).

There are multiple ways to copy text from neovim to system clipboard, but I found below method much easier. Steps Install xclip Xclip is an command line utility which provides an interface to X selections (“the clipboard”) from the command line.

Arch Linux is a general-purpose rolling release Linux distribution and it is currently popular among linux enthusiasts and Intermediate/hardcore Linux users due to its versatility and minimal system requirements.

RSimple is a clean, elegant and simple Hugo blog theme with gruvbox color scheme. Demo This blog itself is rendered in this theme ;), Here is another live demo site which is rendered with this theme.

Simple Movie DB Just a small movie searching python-flask application using OMDB API. The entire code is simple (120 lines) and easy to understand.

Manjaro linux is one of the best linux distro currently available to users apart from Ubuntu, and it has access to the best community-driven repository AUR.